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Festival Administration

The festival is being organized by My CinemaHall and is responsible for the entire administration of the film festival.

About My CinemaHall

My CinemaHall is the best Digital Multiplex to watch new movies, regional movies, short films online. It is especially designed for filmmakers to seamlessly upload & exhibit their creations online and freedom for viewers to buy the ticket only for the content they wish to view.

New movies are released every Friday and the producer decides the price of the ticket and the number of weeks the film will run. The storyteller can release new films, short films, plays, web series, music videos, or documentaries and all regional movies like - Bengali Film, Assamese movies, Oriya movies, etc.

If a viewer wishes to watch, they can buy the ticket for the film and can watch online best movies & upcoming movies on any device of their choice; at any time & place of their convenience. Digital Theatre offers an exciting collection of action movies, comedy movies, romantic movies, thriller movies, horror movies, sci-fi movies, children's movies, and sports movies.

It is our continuous endeavor to bring to our viewers - new releases, original & classy cinema in any language; be it English, Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, Tamil, Punjabi, Marathi, Gujarati, Bhojpuri, Bengali, Oriya or any other Indian or Foreign language.

Download the app to watch the MyCinema Global Film Festival during 1st May 2023.

Anyone may or may not get any prize at any festival but here we are providing the oppurtunity to showcase your film globally and earn 50% of ticket price.

If any filmmaker wants to pre-book tickets in advance, he/she can get is by paying only 50% of the ticket price.

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Festival Directors


Yaatric, a renowned independent filmmaker, started his journey of excellence with an objective of globalizing the bengal film industry. He has been associated with various kinds of experimental film forums. He also guides and teaches his fellows about film studies. In this regard he had done many workshops also.

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About Us

The festival is being organized by My CinemaHall and is responsible for the entire administration of the film festival. Read more...

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